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This is Andre Bruni.

I have been a professional graphic artist now for over 20 years.

I have a great passion for art and design on many levels and different forms and expressions from traditional drawing and painting to motion graphic animations and beyond. I also enjoy the outdoors, hiking, camping and mountain biking, and inspiring people to live an outdoor lifestyle.

  • Artist – Illustration, Acrylics, Sketching, Pen and Ink, Mixed-Media

  • Designer – Graphic Design, Print Design, Animation, Web Design, 3-D Design

  • Instructor – Outdoor Instructor, Freelance Tutor of Graphic and Web Design

  • Visionary – Actor, Writer, Brainstormer, Conceptualizer

  • Outdoor Adventurer – Hiking, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, SUP, Surfing, Skateboarding

My Skills

Adobe Photoshop 95%
Adobe After Effects 90%
Adobe InDesign 88%
Adobe Illustrator 86%
Microsoft Office 81%
Adobe Dreamweaver 79%
Wordpress 74%
Adobe Premiere 55%
3-D Software 34%

More About Me

Art Direction
Work Ethic