Event Party Posters


Con-Tourage Party Posters Series Poster Series In the early 200o's I created a series of 11x17 Themed Event Party Posters for the Con-Tourage Event Party Planning Science Fiction Conventions around the country. Here I have presented a few of my favorites. One of the recurring [...]

Kang’s Martial Arts


Kang's Martial Arts Ad Ad Concept After this ad ran on the placemat ad space at Ben's Deli Restaurants in New York City, inviting kids to "Become Awesome", their membership went up tremendously. A true case of verified results. Return To Portfolio Visit My LinkedIn Profile [...]

Poster Design


Camp Leadership Poster Design Poster Concept While working the 2017 season as an Outdoor Instructor, my Camp Director came to me and asked that I do a special project. The idea was based on an impossible human pyramid and to try and make look as real as possible. [...]