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What Employers, Clients & Colleagues Are Saying

“Andre is a genuine, gifted person.”

“Andre contacted me when he heard I was making the documentary “A Friend Indeed – The Bill Sackter Story”. Not only did he create an AWESOME website for the production that has lasted me for years, but he is highly intelligent, very easy to work with, and tremendously skilled at his graphic design and web implementation.”

Lane Wyrick - Emmy Award Winning Director, Xap Interactive

“I strongly recommend Andre.”

During my time with Andre he was efficient, professional, organized and a natural leader. Andre has a strong work-ethic and a willingness to lend a helping hand. He understands the importance of efficiency and productivity and I think he would be a great candidate for any job he applies for.  I was impressed with his ability to connect with his peers.

Nate Thoreson - Camp Director, Avid 4 Adventure

“A veritable Rennaisance Man of Graphic Design”

“He excels at not only at web design, but also at print, illustration and motion graphics. I worked with Andre at JM Family Enterprises and he brought to his work an enthusiasm and imagination that resulted in on-target creative that consistently wowed clients. Furthermore, he did so with a smile, exhibiting an affable, “can-do” attitude that made it a pleasure to count him as a co-worker.”

Dave Weiss - Marketing Content Lead, DropBox

Software I Am Fluent In

I’m PC & MAC Compatible!

I Take Projects From Concept To Completion


Coming up with the initial idea through meetings and conceptualization.


Getting a project planned adds organization and the efficiency.


Producing the product is the application of my talent combined with imagination.


The importance of presentation is a true belief of mine.


The delivery of the product to a satisfied client is my main goal.

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