2024 Portfolio

For nearly three decades I’ve been a highly versatile designer with expertise in various mediums including 3D Modeling, Graphic Design, Illustration and Motion Design.  I’ve worked for reputable companies and agencies, earning great recommendations. Open to remote work opportunities.

Latest Projects



This 3D booth for a mint company started out as an experiential design for presentation of a 10x10x10 booth that is attractive and engaging. The booth shows elements of the client’s industry and branding. Everything designed by myself except the 3d figures that I downloaded from sketchfab. I also did full branding on this as well as production of a motion design video that runs on the TV screens,

Alien Pulse Rifle – 3D model + Video


This personal project and contest submission is part of the Gravity Sketch April 2024 Challenge. I started in Gravity Sketch and produces a block out that I sent to Blender. This shows how great Blender and Gravity Sketch work together.

3D Animated Gorilla –  3D Model, Logo +  Intro


This project for a Digital Marketing Agency in Jupiter Florida involved designing a fully animated gorilla character for use in advertising and marketing for their company. Built using Gravity Sketch, Blender and Reallusion.

Bugeyes Pest Control – Full Branding


This Pest Control Company Branding including Website, Brochure Business Cards and Video Content, was done in only 2 weeks. 3D modeling was used for the bug characters and settings using Gravity Sketch and Adobe to great effect. 

Subaru Dealership –  Video, Print + Social Media

Here are looks for a Subaru dealership in Orlando Florida that I have been doing Video Commercials, Print Advertisements, Email Blasts, Website Banners, Retargeting Banners and Social Media Graphics for.

Blue Gorilla – Branding + Website + Motion Design


This website redesign and branding for a Digital Marketing Agency in Jupiter was created with WordPress and Elementor using the Ocean WP template. Blog enties written by myself and custom motion design videos for each product.

MotionReel Academy – Branding + Website + Video

Virtual Reality based 3D Modeling school, 100% created by myself, needed a Website, Social Media and Video Content. I have been creating new video content and blog articles for the Academy now for over 2 years.

Premier Rare Coins – WordPress Website

I worked together with a business owner and another artist on this website for Rare Coin, Gold, Silver and Treasure sales was looking for a new look and an updated WordPress Website. This site has Mobile version and Ipad Version and is fully responsive. Built using WordPress and Elementor.

Honda Dealerhip – Social Media + Motion Design

 This Honda dealership needed a suite of graphic files including retargeting banners, Facebook and Google My Business Graphics and e-mail blasts and broadcast videos

Hyundai Dealership – Social Media

Home Banners, Email Blasts, Social Media and Videos. 

Selection Of Illustration and Graphic Design Work

I Am Most Proud Of...

Being Credited In A Film from an Emmy Award Winning Director For Website Design.

I was honored to be credited in a film that is available on Amazon prime. In the early 2000s I built the website and helped with marketing on Bill Sackter: A Friend Indeed, directed by Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker Lane Wyrick.


It features the story of William “Bill” Sackter, a famous disabled Iowan and his friend and filmmaker Barry Morrow, who would go on to write the award winning script for Rain Man starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. The original site that I designed way back in 2008 is still running today at www.billsackter.com. 

Software Knowledge


Graphic Design

Graphic design is not just my passion, it’s my expertise – from brand design to layout and multi-media, I’ve done it all. With nearly three decades of dedicated experience, I’ve perfected my craft in creating visually captivating designs across a wide range of mediums.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is my specialty and I have honed my skills to create engaging animations. From 3D logo animations and broadcast TV spots to explainer videos, I bring static designs to life with smooth movements, captivating transitions, and eye-catching content with music and sound effects.

3D Modeling

More and more over the past few years I have been using 3D modeling in my work. I’ve built models for my clients using the medium as an added dimension to my work. In the process I have a diverse skillset including VR modeling, texturing and Unreal Engine /Twinmotion visualization.

Web Design

With over 20 years of experience, I have mastered the art of creating stunning and user-friendly websites. Whether it’s a simple and sleek design or a complex WordPress installation, I have the skills to bring your vision to life on the web.


Drawing has always been my core passion. It’s what drives all of my other creative abilities. I’ve illustrated some pretty cool projects, but I’m most proud of my work for Avid4Adventure, a kids adventure camp based in Colorado.

Social Media

Social media is an integral part of the webwork of different files and formats that make up a complete project. Over the years I have hand crafted literally thousands of Email Blasts, Web Banners, Retargeting Banners and many more, 

About Me

Andre Todd Bruni, Designer and Animator Ready to Take Your Projects to the Next Level!

Based in Colorado, I’ve had the privilege of working with big-name companies like Sunsail, The Catamaran Company, Avid 4 Adventure, and even Royal Caribbean Cruise lines. I’ve also been part of some awesome agencies like JM Family Enterprises and Blue Gorilla Digital in Palm Beach, Florida.


My expertise covers a wide range of mediums, from video and print to 3D, social media, and web design using WordPress. I take pride in my strong work ethic and have glowing recommendations from past employers. Oh, and I’m totally open to remote work opportunities!

My Certifications


The website is far more than I ever dreamed. Thank you, Andre, for being so attentive and getting my site fixed, beautifully re-designed and launched without any downtime. 

Sal – Universal Landscape

I’ve worked with Andre for over 10 years. He always comes through. Whenever I need him, he is always there for me and my business. Friendly and professional, his work ethic is top bar.

Ron-JVS Marketing

My business launch had a huge boost, and I owe it all to Andre. He created a logo and brand, even a truck wrap for my company that makes me truly stand out in a sea of other competitors. 

George – Bugeyes